Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have You Found Us?

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Actually Christmas Day

We headed down even further South to the ATL for the Abbey family Christmas gathering on Christmas Day. At one point I heard that there were 68 people there. If that's not the correct number then it is really close. This is a BIG deal and a fun day for everyone who attends. Here are the littles of the group. There are 4 missing from the picture as one hadn't arrived just yet and 3 were in Texas. We had food, games, piano music, conversation and laughs. This is held every other year and there are many of us who don't see each other in between so there is a lot of catching up to do.

Afterwards our side of the family (28 of us) met afterwards at MeMe and BobBob's for gifts and dinner. BUT the evening took a little unexpected turn.

This is their house. 
In the snow. 
It hasn't snowed in Atlanta on Christmas Day in over 100 years. 

Sooooo, many had to leave early to make their way back home before the snow accumulated any more and the bridges iced over. 

We were staying overnight anyway so we got to enjoy good company and good food in a more intimate environment. Dinner for 10 anyone?!

We were pleased to see that we still had snow at our house when we got home so we bundled in our snow gear for a little outdoor fun.

 Mmmm. Snow is tasty.

Snowball fight!

Now we're having hot cocoa and warming up by the fire. Have a good evening!

Christmas #3

We took Christmas Eve day to ourselves and celebrated Christmas at home. We opened our presents and then played all day. Hudson's big present this year was his very own train table. BobBob constructed the table and then we covered the top with gray felt and supplied the town. It is awesome! We were going to give him a different table when BobBob offered to make an even better table for him. We jumped at the chance and have been waiting to give it to Hudson for a few months now. You may have seen a glance of the table in the post where McClellen got the baby doll bed. 

He was thrilled and played all. day. long. I am not exaggerating. There was nothing else remotely interesting enough to drag him away for more than 5 minutes.  
The table now lives in his room where he can play trains and cars to his heart's delight.

McClellen's big present was a play tent for the play room. She loves small spaces and enjoys playing by herself so this is the perfect time for a play tent. 
 She wasted no time getting a baby and climbing inside.

The kids got a few other small gifts too but these were the most exciting ones so I thought I'd share these here. Merry Christmas!

Oh What Fun!

Last Wednesday we got to go have some fun with our friends  Robin, Mike and Ella. There is a couple in Mauldin who go over-the-top fabulous with lights each and every year. People come from all around so see the spectacle and this year we counted ourselves in. Here are just a few shots:

 Only one side of the house.

 She was staring at the lights and couldn't be lured away for a photo.

 Same with him.

 When you have this kind of excitement to see you don't want to look anywhere else. 

 There were lights and more lights with themed displays everywhere. There was even music and a movie playing. 
 You ask for cheese you get it.

This display looked like ice but the flash on my camera over lit the photo. There was no way for me to get great pictures but maybe you can get some idea of the fun.  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Too Smart for His Own Good

At bedtime we ask Hudson to choose a person he'd like to pray for. On this particular night the conversation went like this:

H: Let's pray for Chuck E. Cheese

M and D: No, let's pick a person to pray for. Think of somebody to pray for.

H: Let's pray for the person inside the Chuck E. Cheese costume.

Well played, Hudson. Well played.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tow the Line

Children who disobey during road trips are immediately sent to the time out seat that we let out the rear of the vehicle.

Coincidentally our children are excellent travelers.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Tennessee Christmas

My side of the family met for Christmas fun at my brother's house in TN. Unfortunately there had been some really bad weather in some parts of the U.S. which made it impossible for my younger brother to be there in person BUT thanks to technology he was able to join us via iChat.

This photo doesn't show it well but Adam is visiting Max Headroom-style.

 Nana and Pop with Brianna, Savannah, Hudson, and McClellen

 We had a flurry of gifts. 

This one was happy with the simple things. 

Another shot of the grandkids 

These two pretties love all things glittery and princessy. That, combined with McClellen's blossoming love for the same made for a lot of play like this: 

Which meant that Hudson retreated downstairs to the Man Cave for some rock-it-out guy time. 

It was a super-fun time and the cousins loved playing together. Thanks for having us at your house Josh and Debbie!